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Halliburton HT400 Valve and seat

Good quality Mud Pump Zirconia Liners for sales
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Halliburton HT400 Valve and seat

China Halliburton HT400 Valve and seat supplier
Halliburton HT400 Valve and seat supplier Halliburton HT400 Valve and seat supplier Halliburton HT400 Valve and seat supplier Halliburton HT400 Valve and seat supplier

Large Image :  Halliburton HT400 Valve and seat

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Halliburton
Certification: API
Model Number: HT400

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD
Delivery Time: In Stock
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000 PER MONTH
Detailed Product Description

    Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world's largest providers of products and services to the energy industry. With approximately 60,000 employees, representing 140 nationalities in more than 80 countries, the company helps its customers maximize value throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir – from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and completion, and optimizing production throughout the life of the asset.



Push Rod Subassembly              
L-2 Spacer              
  Loc Qty Part No.        
Retainer,Push Rod HT-400TM, Two Piece Nose, L-Spacer 1 3 316.21066.PREM        
O-Ring, 90 Duro, 1 7/8 × 1 5/8 × 1/8, 568-223 2 3 8.34020.PREM        
Tie Rod, Push Rod, L-Spacer, HT-400TM 3 3 316.25166.PREM        
Push Rod, Two Piece, L-Spacer, HT-400TM 4 3 316.21065.PREM        
Retainer, Push Rod Seal Housing, L-2 Spacer, HT-400TM 5 3 316.10012.PREM        
Housing, Push Rod Seal, Floating, L-2 Spacer, HT-400TM 6 3 316.10013.PREM        
O-Ring, 70 Duro, 5 11/16 × 5 1/2 × 3/32, 568-161 7 3 70.33739.PREM        
Seal, Push Rod, L-Spacer, HT-400TM 8 6 316.10014.PREM        
Discharge Valve Subassembly              
Plunger Size              
  Loc Qty 3-3/8 inch 4-inch 4-1/2 inch    
Retainer, Cover, HT-400TM 1 3 316.2102.PREM 316.2202.PREM 316.2202.PREM    
Cover, Discharge, Double Guided Valve, HT-400TM 2 3 316.2107.PREM 316.23091.PREM 316.23091.PREM    
Gasket, Discharge Valve & Cylinder Head Cover, HT-400TM 3 3 316.21052.PREM 316.22052.PREM 316.22052.PREM    
Ring, Spacer, Discharge Valve & Cylinder Head Cover, HT-400TM 4 3 316.21051.PREM 316.22051.PREM 316.22051.PREM    
Liner, Two Piece Bushing, Valve Guide, HT-400, Brass 5 6 316.22005.PREM 316.22005.PREM 316.22005.PREM    
Insert, Two Piece Bushing, Valve Guide, Special, HT-400 6 6 316.22004.PREM 316.22004.PREM 316.22004.PREM    
Spring, Valve, HT-400TM, 36lb/in 7 3 316.2108.PREM 316.2108.PREM 316.2308.PREM    
Valve, HT-400, Frac 8 3 316.21007.PREM 316.21007.PREM 316.22048.PREM    
Insert, Valve, HT-400TM, Urethane, Acid/Frac Service(Yellow) 9 3 316.21048.PREM 316.21048.PREM 316.22046.PREM    
Insert, Valve, HT-400TM, Urethane, Standard Service(Brown) 9 3 316.21006.PREM 316.21006.PREM 316.22049.PREM    
Seat Valve, HT-400TM, Tapered 10 3 316.21008.PREM 316.21008.PREM 316.210047.PREM    
O-ring, 90 Duro 11 3 8.34037.PREM 8.34037.PREM 8.34041.PREM    
Suction Valve Subassembly              
Plunger Size              
  Loc Qty 3-3/8 inch 4-inch 4-1/2 inch 5-inch 6-inch
Retainer, Stop and Spring, HT-400TM, Mach. Cast 1 3 316.22977.PREM 316.22977.PREM 316.22242.PREM 316.25840.PREM 316.25840.PREM
Boot, Suction and Stop, HT-400TM 2 6 316.25233.PREM 316.25233.PREM 316.25233.PREM 316.25233.PREM 316.25233.PREM
Spring, Lock, HT-400 3 3 316.2125.PREM 316.2125.PREM 316.22252.PREM 316.22253.PREM 316.22253.PREM
Liner, Two Piece Bushing, Valve Guide, HT-400TM, Brass 4 6 316.22005.PREM 316.22005.PREM 316.22005.PREM 316.22007.PREM 316.22007.PREM
Insert,Two Piece Bushing, Valve Guide, Special,HT-400TM 5 6 316.22004.PREM 316.22004.PREM 316.22004.PREM 316.22006.PREM 316.22006.PREM
Retainer Guide Bushing, HT-400, Tapered Seat Bore 11 3 316.21096.PREM 316.21096.PREM 316.23953.PREM 316.24043.PREM 316.24043.PREM
Plunger/cylender Head Cover Subassembly              
Plunger Size              
  Loc Qty 3-3/8 inch 4-inch 4-1/2 inch 5-inch 6-inch
Retainer, Cover HT-400TM 1 6 316.2102.PREM 316.2102.PREM 316.2202.PREM 316.2502.PREM 316.2506.PREM
Cover, Cylinder Head, HT-400TM 2 3 316.2107.PREM 316.2107.PREM 316.2207.PREM 316.2407.PREM 316.2507.PREM
Gasket, 4 Discharge Valve & Cylinder Head Cover 3 6 316.21052.PREM 316.21052.PREM 316.22052.PREM 316.25052.PREM 316.25074.PREM
Ring, Spacer, Discharge Valve & Cylinder Head Cover 4 6 316.21051.PREM 316.21051.PREM 316.22051.PREM 316.25051.PREM 316.25073.PREM
Nose, Plunger, HT-400TM 5 3 316.2131.PREM 316.2231.PREM 316.2331.PREM 316.2331.PREM 316.2331.PREM
Seal, Plunger Nose Assembly, HT-400TM 6 3 316.2130.PREM 316.2230.PREM 316.2330.PREM 316.2330.PREM 316.2330.PREM
Plunger, Hard Surface, L-Spacer, HT-400TM 7 3 316.21026.PREM 316.22294.PREM 316.23085.PREM 316.24296.PREM 316.25162.PREM
Tie Rod, Plunger, HT-400TM 8 3 316.21028.PREM 316.21028.PREM 316.21028.PREM 316.25165.PREM 316.25165.PREM
Adapter, Pushrod, HT-400TM, Two Piece Nose 9 3 316.21059.PREM 316.22302.PREM 316.23089.PREM 316.24336.PREM 316.25172.PREM
Fluid-end/flange discharge section subassembly              
Plunger Size              
  Loc Qty 3-3/8 inch 4-inch 4-1/2 inch    
Flange, discharge, HT-400TM, BLANK 1 1   316.22980.PREM 316.22980.PREM    
Flange, discharge, HT-400TM, CURVED, Rright Hand 1a 1 316.21676.PREM 316.23019.PREM 316.23019.PREM    
Flange, discharge, HT-400TM, CURVED, Left Hand 1b 1 316.21677.PREM 316.23017.PREM 316.23017.PREM    
Seal, Discharge passage,HT-400TM 2 6 315.27117.PREM 316.2547.PREM 316.2547.PREM    
Nut, 1-14NF, Internal Wrenching, 1.03 TL 3 4 316.11621.PREM 316.11621.PREM 316.11621.PREM    
Stud, HT-400TM Fluid End To Thick Discharge Flange 4 4 316.23013.PREM   316.23013.PREM    
Bolt, Tie, 1.375-12 UNF×32.4 in.,Top, Fluid End, HT-400TM, TC 5 1 316.27488.PREM 316.27488.PREM 316.27488.PREM    
Nut, Top Tie Bolt, HT-400TM, TC 6 2 316.25501.PREM 316.25501.PREM 316.25501.PREM    
Washer, Hardened,2.31 O.D ×1.43I.D.,For Top Tie Boldt, 7 2 316.22493.PREM 316.22493.PREM 316.22493.PREM    
Spacer, Inner, Discharge Passage Seal,HT-400TM 8 2 316.2145.PREM 316.2545.PREM 316.2545.PREM    
Fluid End Section, HT-400TM PUMP,Not Sleeved 9 3 316.21951.PREM 316.22982.PREM 316.23951.PREM    
Nut, Elastic, Stop,3/4-in.,16 NF 10 2 70.32760.PREM   70.32760.PREM    



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